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Livestock poultry farm side wall air inlets

Important Advantages

Very versatile and guarantee an optimum, non-centralized fresh air supply for negative pressure ventilation; Inlets can be opened individually, creating stable air jets, even with minimum ventilation; Insulated inlet flap seals the house airtight; Pulling mechanism allows exact control of the inlet opening; Exact control allows stable circulation, maintains an even temperature and creates low heating requirements; Made of high quality materials for a long service life; High pressure cleaners can be used without concern; Sightly open the inlet near exhaust fan, completely open the ones aways from the exhaust fan to achieve uniform air;


Air inlets are responsible for ensuring that fresh air is distributed evenly and directed throughout the poultry house. The negative pressure difference between the interior and exterior of modern, tightly designed chicken houses is created by exhaust fans. The outside atmospheric pressure physically forces air into the house through any opening in the building. It is critical to make the house as airtight as possible for incoming fresh air to flow through the air valves. It is designed to be used as installed for air entrances. It provides fresh air to animals without creating cold air. In cold weather, minimum ventilation is a widely known process. The air entering from all the clasps moves in the same direction. It is integrated into the fans to keep the air pressure in the cluster in optimum circuit.

Other Specification Parameter

Dimensions(mm) Installation size(mm) Maximum ventilation(m³/h)
600*300 550*260 1800
680*300 630*230 2000

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