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How to choose a suitable exhaust fan for a farm?

The ventilation and cooling equipment we often see in farms: exhaust fans are actually what we call negative pressure fans. Because of their remarkable ventilation and cooling effects, long service life, simple installation, and low cost, they have become ventilation and cooling equipment in farms. first choice. Faced with numerous exhaust fans, how should you choose one?

When choosing a suitable exhaust fan, we usually need to consider the following points:

1、Size and type of farm: Farms of different sizes and types have different needs for exhaust fans. For example, livestock breeding and greenhouse cultivation require different types of exhaust fans.


2、Air volume and wind pressure of the fan: According to the actual situation and ventilation requirements of the farm, it is necessary to calculate the required air volume and wind pressure and select the corresponding exhaust fan.

3、 Energy efficiency ratio and energy consumption: Choose a exhaust fan with high energy efficiency ratio and low energy consumption to save energy and operating costs.

4、Quality and brand: Choosing a exhaust fan brand with a good reputation and reliable quality can reduce the failure rate and extend the service life.

5、 Noise and maintenance: Consider the noise level of the fan and the maintenance required, and select a exhaust fan that meets the requirements.

When choosing a suitable exhaust fan, it is best to consult professional manufacturers and suppliers to make customized choices based on specific site conditions and needs. We (Nantong Yueneng Energy Saving Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.,) are the manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of exhaust fans in China. We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Welcome to contact us via email: sales@yn-fan.com.