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Model 7090 Poultry Greenhouse Evaporative Air Cooling Pad

Cooling pad wall for the poultry farm

Product selling points:

1. The cooling pad base paper adopts the best raw pulp paper with high strength and good water absorption;

2. A layer of glue for the cooling pad is made of high-quality products from Sino-foreign joint ventures, with guaranteed quality, high glue ratio and better wet strength;

3. The second bonding glue of the cooling pad adopts a special formula that has been tested in practice for more than ten years, which has high adhesion and not easy to shrink;

4. The production process of the cooling pad is all controlled by electrical heating, with accurate temperature control and guaranteed quality;

5. In the production process of the cooling pad, the one-piece curing (corrugated curing) process is added to ensure the stability of the cooling pad ripple;

6. Each process of the cooling pad is produced in strict accordance with high standards to ensure outstanding quality.


1、Yueneng cooling pad adopts new generation of polymer materials and space cross-linking technology.Advantages of good water absorption,water-proof,anti-mildew,high cooling efficiency and long service time. 2、The cooling pad base paper is 95g/sq, 105g/sq, 115g/sq can also be customzied. 3、Large evaporation area over surface, excellent permeability can guarantee the water wetting the whole wall,cooling efficiency up to 80% at least. 4、No surfactant,natural water absorption,fast diffusion and lasting efficiency. A drop of water can be spread in 4-5 seconds. Highly absorbent, natural water absorption is 60-70mm/5min; 200mm/1.5hour 5、Unique shape of ripple, high strength,no deformation, and durable. 6、Easy to install, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, green, safe, energy-saving, environmental-friendly and economical. 7、Three types ripple of cooling pad: 5090, 6090, 7090.

Excellent service:

1. For customers who place orders in bulk, we will deliver a few more cooling pad and some spare parts based on the order quantity;

2. We provide cooling pad packaging customization. You can communicate with us if you have any demand;

3. We can provide cooling pad assembly/installation tutorials to facilitate customers to better experience the product;

The Principle of The Cooling Pad Operation

Evaporative Cooling Pad operates under the principle of natural evaporative water. When hot and dry airflow is exhausted through wet pad, water will absorb heat of this air flow, simultaneously, water is evaporated to make temperature of the airflow to decrease and humidity of the airflow to increase suitalbly. Application of the pad to make fresh and cool air is one of the best confident and economic solutions. The self-cleaning and possible endosmosis of special cellulose papers guarantees the pad not to be decayed in water environment and maintains of the pad highly.

Other Specification Parameter

Application Areas:

Greenhouses, farms, factory workshops, evaporative air coolers, etc.

Product warranty:

Our cooling pads are environmentally friendly and healthy, free of harmful substances, with ROHS and VOC related test reports;

Our cooling pads have good water absorption and high cooling efficiency, please check the test report for details.

Note: Please contact us if you need a complete version of the test report!

Customer visiting:

Installation Precautions:

Dear Customer:

First of all, thank you very much for choosing YUENENG cooling pad wall! In order to ensure the normal operation of the cooling pad after installation, we must pay attention to the following points during installation: 1. When installing the cooling pad wall, please make sure the pad wall is in the horizontal position. Recommend to use the infrared level to prevent some place of the paper not wetted by water, which will affect the use effect; 2. After fixing the cooling pad wall, seal the surrounding gap with foaming agent to ensure there is no gap; 3.After the installation of the cooling pad wall and connected to the water pump pipe, it is recommended to install a regulating valve(could adjust the water inflow) at the main water inlet pipe and the branch water inlet pipe of each cooling pad.