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Plastic evaporative cooling pads for greenhouses, breeding houses

Plastic Cooling Pads:

High pressure washing Anti-collapse, anti-bird pecking Durable and long service life Cooling pad made from durable plastic mesh Immense surface generates high cooling efficiency Lower pressure drop than comparable cellulose pads Optimized for hygiene, you can use high-pressure cleaners to wash off dirt and deposits UV Resistant

Advantages of Plastic Ventilation Cooling Pad:

1. Long service life.Traditional paper curtain: three to four years;Wet plastic curtain: seven to eight years. 2. The surface can be cleaned at any time when there is dust accumulation (high-pressure water gun can be used for cleaning), and the cooling effect of dust collection will not decrease year by year. 3. Air humidity is about 15% lower than traditional paper curtain. 4. No smell, fundamentally eliminate the traditional cooling pad taste, harmless to the human body. 5. Uniform color, no size error, flat appearance. 6. Waterproof flow splash, prevent birds from pecking and mice from biting, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance of 100℃. 7 will not shrink deformation, fundamentally put an end to the ordinary cooling pad autumn water after varying degrees of narrow light transmission problem


Poultry and animal husbandry: chicken farms, pig farms, cattle, livestock and poultry breeding. Greenhouse and horticulture industry: vegetable storage, seed house, flower cultivation, mushroom cultivation field. Industrial cooling: factory cooling ventilation, industrial humidification, entertainment, pre-cooling , air handling units.

What is the difference between plastic cooling pad and paper cooling pad?

In the construction process of modern piggery, most farms choose negative pressure ventilation system for ventilation of pig farm, plastic cooling pad and paper cooling pad well matches the negative pressure ventilation system, let's talk about their functions and differences. Paper cooling pad: paper cooling pad is installed on the wall of the piggery air inlet , with water circulation system, water flow through the water curtain infinitely, when the outside air enters, the air through the cooling pad and exchange heat with the water, temperature will rapidly drop,which has a significant effect on cooling the pig farm. Plastic cooling pad: plastic cooling pad is also called deodorant cooling pad. Pig urine and pig dung smell produced by piggery will have many harmful gases. Direct discharge will not only pollute the environment, but also have epidemic prevention risk. Deodorant cooling pad installed in the air outlet, through the spray, such as water-soluble harmful gases like ammonia, will be dissolved in water to avoid being directly discharged to the outside. At the same time, the special material of plastic cooling pad can effectively filter all kinds of impurities. Generally speaking, the deodorization efficiency of two-layer deodorization wall can reach 75%, and that of three-layer deodorization wall can reach more than 85%.

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